Saturday, December 03, 2005

so we meet again.....

I think I remember how to do this. Some things you never forget--like how to ride a bike. Or where you were when you heard Marquee Moon for the first time. Or is that just me?

So, I'm not good with sentimental reunion bullshit, so lets just skip that part altogether. Why the long hiatus? Well, the only thing that could keep me from blogging for so long of course--not having a computer. Yes, it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my young adulthood, and I'd rather not dwell. Needless to say, I am now in joyful posession of my very own lappy. And after careful deliberation, I decided against the iBook. Yes, thats right! I'm a rebel, okay? And I'm quite happy with my decision. And was even happier when I saw those monsterous, bright red iPod "murals" in the Atwater metro towering over me like Lucifur himself. I had a little self-rightious moment there, with a dollop of smugness. Oh, and lest we forget the horendous new Eminem iPod ads? All of this just furthers the theory that Apple is far on it's way to beating out Microsoft for the "most fucking omnipresent, greedy high-tech corporation in the universe" contest. And I want no part in it, I say! ....except of course, if I decide to get one of those iPod nanos. They're so pretty!

In other news, I've discovered that working 21 hours a week, and taking a full course load does not so much encourage good sleeping habits. Especially if you are as determined as I am to still go out on the weekend and have a good time (and by "good time" I mean "stay out untill 4 am"). Nor does having a new kitten, whose sleeping patterns seem diametrically opposed to my own, and has a yin for batting at my face at 5 in the morning, when I'm trying to squeeze in 3 precious hours of sleep. Oh, Cecily... please get old, fat and lazy soon.

I'm off to see Telefauna tonight, who I got to see at the Pop Montreal Fest in October, at Preloved, a recycled clothing store. This time, they get a real stage, which is a plus. But unfortunately, we won't be able to try on over-priced patchwork sweater-vests while listening to the band. What a pity.

I'll be back soon. Promise.