Thursday, May 12, 2005

self-motivation techniques

Just when I think the suburbs have really secured themselves into last position on the list of "Places I want to spend my precious time," I spend last night loitering around the Pointe-Claire village, in a basement, in a Honda civic, and in a FUCKING McDonald's parking lot, and am suprisingly not suicidal come the end of the night. Still, I attribute this to two things: A: I so rarely hang out in the burbs anymore(despite the fact that I live there) that it has become novel to me. B: Nostalgia factor. Yes, gentle readers, it's been quite a long time since I was a wild, spry high school student. And despite the generally miserable time I had at Hudson High, I have come to cherish the odd memory of a house party, a night of loitering, a trip to the roof of the school gym, etc...

What I'm trying to lead up to here, in a very inefficient manner, is that it is on the whole ridiculous that I am living out here in this capitalist wasteland. There is just no reason for it. I go to school downtown. I work downtown. I spend most of my weekends downtown. Not only that, but I also spend just as much on food and rent out here as I would downtown. So why, for the love of God, am I still in the suburbs?

Oh, I need "savings," or a "toaster" or a "place to live", or some such BS. Well, that is quite enough Miss Aurora! It's time to get off your fanny, and blow this two-bit concrete excuse for a town, and go to where all the action be. Mui ondolay.

Besides, I qualify for a student loan. Yay instant gratification!


Henry said...

here's hoping you check your email really soon

stephalicious16 said...

Where are you Rory?? I havn't herad from you in soooo long!! Have you fallen off the face of the earth??? No blogs in soooo long, no MSN, no e-mails...whats up?

Nick said...

Hey, I like living in the 'burbs - more green space, cleaner air, better cycling and a lot quiter. I would to live out in the country (goin' to the country it's where I wanna go... bzzrt), but hey, I have to work downtown so I end up with a subruban compromise. Wilfred Laurier would be proud.

However, that being said, I commend your drive to bust out on your own. That's right, you don't need a toaster! The Minutemen would call it "living econo."