Friday, April 01, 2005

The Brilliant Barnes Brothers

I was on the Of Montreal site the other day, and stumbled across a link to their artist, David Barnes' website. He does great album covers, and on his site you can see a bunch of other weird stuff he's done. The site is really cool and imaginative. I felt as if I was stepping into this guys brain or something. Hmm... uncomfortable, yet irresistibly voyeuristic.

The most interesting, and funniest section is A Closer Look, where he has taken a few complex pieces, and de-constructed them, like a director's commentary on a DVD, or... pop-up video? Reading his odd comments, I got the impression that he's this smarter-than-my-limited-grade -8-vocabulary-allows-me-to-sound kind of guy- in a very funny, sweet and fascinating way.

Oh, and he's Of Montreal Kevin Barnes' brother.

And he'll do your portrait for 150 smackers!

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