Friday, April 01, 2005

Irreverent Kittens

Why does everything I want so badly not exist?

We won't even go into guys here. That's a bit too obvious. What I'm talking about is much more vapid and shallow.

There is a poster. A brilliant poster from the late '80's to early '90's that I must have, but I cannot find it anywhere. It's of actual kittens, dressed in little Rat-pack suits, smoking in a public bathroom.

Stop and think now. Can you see it? Yeah, I know! Isn't it great?

It's a classic, I'm sure of it, and yet somehow, it has ceased to exist. Is it possible that this pop-culture fabrication is fading from our collective unconscious? And I, and perhaps a few others like me, are the few sad folks who will remember this tasteless, yet charmingly irreverent piece of Americana and when we die, it shall be wiped from the world's memory forever. What a sad sad day that will be.

P.S. It looks way better than this, the one I'm thinking of. There also should be a kitten Brando. Can't find that either.


beck-E said...

I'm going to write my name in a new creative way everytime I post here. Exciting I know. Shutup.

I definately recommend hitting and e-bay when searching for this. They have everything. Ebay sells human kidneys, left or right, true story. Call me tomorrow.

Ingela said...

Wow. Never have i heard someone talk about a poster with such moxie before. And one of suits. What has the world come to?

Side note: Are you going to see Of Montreal? This is getting a little excessive. Dare I say it, too many concerts to tend to?

Side note sequel: In case a little birdy hasn't told you yet, it's back to the BGC for me in just over three weeks. I shal force you to come and visit on many occassions. You know you miss those nuggets(the actual nuggets, not the ppl, just in case you like refering to ppl as nuggets...)

Aurora said...

beck-e: I looked on allposters already. I could try e-bay, but I don't know if I have the patience/stamina...e-bay is fun- when you aren't actually looking for anything specific.

Ingela: Yes. I wanna go to the Of Montreal show, and I want someone to come with me. hint. hint.

Anonymous said...

The cats smoking image is from a Japanese photogapaher named Satoru Tsuda. You can check out Rock and Roll Ctas on also carry a lot of his postcards, as does Honeyspot in Jamica Plain (outside Boston).

Anonymous said...

wow, my typing sucks, sorry

The Nerdy Bird said...

I know EXACTLY the poster you're talking about. I actually own it and was attempting to find another copy because mine is a bit messed up, when I came across this post. It's seriously the most awesome shot ever. Here is the only picture I can find of it:

Anonymous said...

I have it hanging in my sunroom

Anonymous said...

Google Perlorian. This is from Wikipedia:

Perlorian, also Nameneko (なめ猫), Namennayo, and Don’t Pelorian!, are a brand name encompassing images of cats by Japanese photographer Satoru Tsuda and various spinoff merchandise. Perlorian photographs feature real cats dressed in clothing and arranged in cat-sized dioramas so they appear to be doing human activities such as camping, going to school, or playing in a rock band. Some of the first Perlorian images featured cats involved in juvenile delinquent behaviour, such as smoking in a bathroom and being in a mororcycle gang. At its height in the early 1980s, Perlorian cats appeared on over 500 different pieces of merchandise.